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    1 Increase the saturation of the colors-> make it look livelier and more enjoyable to play
    2 Modify the main menu. For example, in a moving planet, as you have already made video in Early Access.
    3.New units-> make the game more challenging and is variable to allow for more tactics. With only been standing for disposal, the game could otherwise be boring.
    4.A full screen mode.
    5.Einen game-specific font.
    6 A team game mode with player owned bases, raw materials, ...
    7.The Metallextractors and upgrading of power plants to level 2
    8.Tech 3-5, that are harder to reach, and only need to be unlocked with technologies to make the games longer.
    9.Hotkeys and with the mouse select units AND buildings. The building should then not be selected when a unit is selected in the field.
    11.a game mode where lots of players share one huge galaxy and the galaxy from the target is hostile to free players.
    13.The with mouse drag of wall parts, so you do not have to put each part individually.
    14th Wall gates.
    15th Larger and more habitats, so that the point influences the style of play. Including mountains, valleys, vast forests, snow and ice deserts, ...
    16.The preventing an attack on non-visible targets.
    17.Make the game run more fluid
    18th Harm reduction technology level 2 tanks.
    19.attack moving.
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    1. this is alpha, so they have not even begun to implement post processing effects, but the game will definitely look prettier when its released.

    2.again, alpha, the main menu is hardly the final product, but a good suggestion.

    3.again... alpha. They are still working on the core gameplay but there will certainly be lots more units before the game is released. They haven't even put in all the BASIC units yet (orbital, unit cannon, etc) so you'll have to wait for more interesting units.

    4.there is a lot of discussion about this, but essentially the fullscreen mode will be as it stands (maximized window) with a hidden border to assist with multi monitor support.

    5.not sure what you mean exactly, but most likely the font will change as they polish the game (think late beta).

    6.there already IS a team play mode?

    7.Neutrino stated that they are working to improve the upgrade of mex from t1 to t2. I doubt there are any plans for upgrading power plants. You can just build more elsewhere, why upgrade?

    8.No, this is not going to happen. Maybe modders will do something but it wont be in the vanilla game. The games are short now because alpha balancing is broken and we are limited to a single world, that will change.

    9.Selection problems? Not quite sure what you're suggesting but it will most likely be fixed if it is a UI bug.

    10. No.

    11. Are you describing galactic war here?

    12. This is unlikely as the planet is a sphere and therefore a grid does not fit properly on it, but I hope to see better snapping and such so our bases don't look so ramshackle.

    13.This will most likely be implemented later, and has been discussed many times.

    14. seems like a good idea to me...

    15. biomes are still WIP so we will likely see much more diverse planets as the game continues through development

    16. you already can't attack what you can't see?

    17. dude, what part of alpha is confusing to you? They have not even begun optimizations yet.

    18. Not sure what you mean. Shield tanks? This is possible, but unlikely. Neutrino stated that shields will not exist like they did in supcom, but they may make an appearance as directional shields, orbital shields, etc.

    19. this is already a thing. If you tell your tanks to move somewhere they will shoot at anything on the way without stopping. If you tell them to attack something, they attack.
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    I think all 'Suggestion' threads work like this. First half of the post are some repeats of previous suggestions, maybe 1 or 2 good, original suggestions, and then the other half of the post unburies previous, exhaustively discussed topics that only bore people and incite flame wars.

    This is like the fifth thread which is almost exactly like this.

    Please search next time.
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    He is new here..
    let him some time to understand the forum.

    Most of your suggestions are realy not new and some of them are only a matter of time,modding or personal thinking.
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    First of all: sorry for bad english, i'm not a native speaker.

    I love the direction into the Design of the Metal Biome is heading, this
    Death Star look is awesome. I wonder if you thought of Highground
    which can only be reached through ramps by landforces.
    I confess: i love Starcraft, epic Battles fought on abandoned Space Stations, defending/attacking the ramps in Starcraft gave me goosepimples:
    so tense Gameplay experience.
    By the Way: will there be some kind of Advangtage for landunits on Highground,
    larger Range or something? On the Desert Bioms are often large plateaus -imagine
    some Artillery or Point-defence placed up there with increased Range.
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    well of couuuuuuuuurse simulated projectile delivers.

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