I think I find out the usage of Zeus

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    I think I find out the usage of Zeus.
    It is very useful again teleporter invasion!
    I meet an opponent who uses the Zeus to sweep my invasion force.
    Soon I realize the value of this unit.

    Originally, I think Zeus is completely useless since it is too fragile against fighters.
    But when I try to invade another planet by teleporter, I can't send my air unit by the teleporter!
    In this situation, the T1 spinner can't match the Zeus because the Zeus has 100 range with area of effect.
    Just only single shoot can erase a group of units, including many spinner.

    Using Helios, orbital units, or T2 fighter which can cross planet may be a good method to counter the Zeus when invading another planet.
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    zeus is purely antiblob ... just have some aa with it and you are good ..

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