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    Hi everyone

    Ive been working so hard on my mod wich i divided in 3 parts
    -Fun balance (all changes i did to the game balance just to see stuff exploding without stop
    -Epic IA (its not a queller UBER MEGA dificult ia but its very capable to build titans and halleys very fast wich is awsome)
    -Additional Units in game (Units from not used models and Xmod units in the mod would be great)

    ive complete the first 2 steps of my mod but the last step is still pending and ive been trying like 3 weeks and im not getting any kind of results even i tried to ask help in discord but i dont want to be like: hey can you help me with this mod? (but every 5 minutes in a private discord chat)

    So if there someone with the time or that can give me advices about how to add units to the game that would be a great help

    btw i want to add some units that are made already, i dont want to create an 3D unit i just want to grab an unit i saw in a mod or somewhere and add it to my mod, clearly asking permise from their respective creators to allow me to do that.

    if someone can help me pls post here or contac me in the PA discord server my nickname is RedCollectiveMind

    btw even i stream gameplays everyday with the updates of my mod
    Thanks and GL HF

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