How to get game logged without steam

Discussion in 'Support!' started by sonikhsc, November 4, 2017.

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    Hello... I have bought the game in the steam.... I start the game always logged but because to start game via steam i cant record scren... in the film the picture gets black or the game starts black....
    BUT if i start game by the .EXE in the main directory of the game without steam, i can film everything at screen record at my will but the game is not logged... and alf game is blocked.
    in user apears: steam(and a few numbers and leters)
    in the password is empty...

    My question; How i get logged without run via steam, but connected im my account game steam?

    As i sayed with steam im unable to record scream but without steam i can run game nice and smmoth scream recorder.

    ( im sorry , my mistake... i want to put this thread in planetary annihalation titans is the game ive bought! )
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    Link your forum account:

    If Titans watch out for:

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