How Do I Shadow /pa_ex1/... files ?

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    In order to make my effect mod (More Pew Pew) compatible and playable with both PA and PA:T, I need to be able to shadow the unit files like the sniper bot which works differently in PA:T.

    This is what I have figured out so far; when you play PA:T, the engine will load files from pa_ex1/ and use them to shadow things over pa/. Then, the engine gets client mods and shadows those files. The result is that there is no way to shadow the pa_ex1 files before they override the pa files. Does that make sense?

    Let's bring back an example to show you what I mean:

    I would like to create an effect for the sniper bot.
    From PA the sniper bot has the path /pa/units/land/bot_sniper/bot_sniper.json
    From PA:T the sniper bot has the path /pa_ex1/units/land/bot_sniper/bot_sniper.json

    The reason why there are two paths is that PA:T changes the way that the sniper bot works, so it needs to change the PA sniper bot if you are playing the game in PA:T mode.
    Now, when I want to change the effect for the sniper bot, I can only change /pa/units/land/bot_sniper/bot_sniper.json, which means my 'shadow' must somehow be compatible with both versions of the file in order to work.
    If I try shadowing /pa_ex1/units/land/bot_sniper/bot_sniper.json (from PA:T) instead, it gets ignored.

    So..... What do? I don't really want to have a different effect mod for each version of PA, since that would mean that if a player decided to join a PA, or PA:T game, they have to quit PA, enable the right mod, and then hopefully join the game they wanted.
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