How do i add an unit in game?

Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by RomeoRuiz15, October 14, 2018.


What do you prefer in case i be able to do just one thing of these 2?

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  1. compatibility with legion mod

  2. IA mod that keep IA using all the weapons and titans but for vainilla servers

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    i have the models, the files and the icons ect ect. But!!! how do i add the unit to the factories to builded?
    A friend told me about an unit list in game but i don't remember too well if im honest and i wanna know because i'm making a mod that makes PA just to see stuff exploding and i want to add some units that are from older discontinued mods and yeah i give credits to those persons for making those units and i will write about it in the mod info once i publish it.

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