How about adding a limit on units ?

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by mrantifun1, August 22, 2014.

  1. mrantifun1

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    Hello guys , I really enjoy playing vs AI , However when i play vs 5 Absurd AI within 20 minutes into the game ,It slows down really bad and become annoying and unplayable , So how about adding extra option in the lobby to set a limit on units like 800-2000 for each player for now until the game is fully optimized?.
  2. Clopse

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    You could use your units, it's basically the same as saving them outside your base for 20 minutes.

    Edit: just re read, sorry.
  3. mjshorty

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    The game is not optimized yet, also try to set what YOUR rig can handle, not handicap everyone else.
    Because this game is about huge armies and there would be riots if there was a pop-cap introduced o_O
  4. mrantifun1

    mrantifun1 New Member

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    Well i agree , But it doesn't have to be forced on players , Just an extra option if the people want to enjoy a long game without any lag .
    My rig is
    RAM 16GB
    CPU i7-3770 8 CPUs
    GPU GTX 550 Ti Approx. Total Memory of 4049 MB
  5. brianpurkiss

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    You're not the first person to suggest this, and this suggestion gets tossed aside every time.

    Unit caps go against the core concept behind the game.

    Let's finish the game and not give Uber duplicate work. Their time is better spent on optimizing and finishing the game than adding a bandaid.
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  6. thetrophysystem

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    The server performance is the issue, not your amazing computer which specs you could recite from memory. Just a "beta servers" thing, won't always be limited to the server or a server at all, so your machine will have it's day with this game...

    Besides, there is a way to cap units. That is VIA the growth rate. That is right, instead of capping the units, turn down the multiplyer on unit production. Turn down the ECONOMY. It is always easier to play against 5 absurd AI on .8, than a normal on 1.0. The AI just builds endlessly with eco, so it's eco is the main control of it's production speed. More eco, faster map coverage, more units-per-second. Less eco, slower map spread, less units per second.

    Want to handicap it only endgame and not startoff, then I would say give it a .8 eco and THEN a minute headstart.
  7. exterminans

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    Sadly, it's not the raw number of units which is causing problems, but certain events and actions. The lags can occur with much lower numbers actually.

    Besides, the AI would be incapable of dealing with unit limits, it's designed to aim for an optimal number of units on every single planet, so it would suffer greatly if it had to balance unit numbers between planets.
  8. schuesseled192

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    There's nothing wrong with unit limits for custom games.
  9. icycalm

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    Or, we could go the opposite way. If you build under a certain number of units within a given time limit you lose, because that's how cool this game is.
  10. Arachnis

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    Or maybe we could just make units more expensive. Instead of always having to build more and more factories, which is tiresome, concentrate the focus of building on gaining more metal. Make every unit important by balancing the game around fewer units. If there are 40 players, then there will be enough units in the game for a most epic battle anyway.

    By the way, I don't want to sound like a fanboy, but RCBM did it right.

  11. tatsujb

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    can't believe I'm the first in this thread to post this after nine replies !! :eek:


    seriously now : of course this will be an lobby option. Soon™ I guess?

    default? no thank you.
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  12. jpinard

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    I would LOVE a vehicle and building limit!!!
  13. allandus

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    It is against PA's main point. The point is huge armies clashing across planets. Besides, the game is just in Gamma, so things will, of course, change.
  14. CounterFact

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    I think a limit to units/buildings in custom battles is a nice feature to have. Obviously this is a low priority feature, but I feel it might be a great feature to have in some of the crazy gametypes that have been developping.
    Don't get me wrong, it should not be the default setting to have a unit cap on, I'm just saying it shouldn't be immediately tossed as an idea for an optional setting.

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