Hotfix build 79600 is live!

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    Single Player Save/Load first pass!

    Hey all! Over the last month, we’ve been pushing on getting save/load working in the single player side of PA. We’ve also done tons of balance tweaks based on feedback and our balance folks watching replays and streams, added 2 new maps (1 for ranked play and 1 for general play), did some fairly big performance improvements for large army fights, and hit as many bugs and polish items as we could.

    This is the first pass of our save/load work, so you’ll see it missing items we want in the final. That being said, we are currently working on those elementsl, but since this version was working, we wanted to go ahead and get it out so you could use it. I’ve explained what is in this version below (single player AI skirmish saving), as well as what we hope to get in next (galactic war mid game saving and resume from anywhere in a replay loading). Take a look, and if you want to join the conversation, or run into any issues, please join us over on the Uber forums!

    Hotfix build 79600

    Air death weapon
    -Radius decreased to 0.75 from 1.5

    Gunboat (Piranha)
    -Will no longer attempt to fire at units on the sea floor.

    -Improvements on neural network for AI
    -Fix for performance hit when doing planet wide patrol
    -Fix for metal spots being unbuildable
    -Fixed AI nuke crash
    -Fixed crash for save/load
    -Fix for nav crash
    -Fix for spectators being able to pause the games
    -Removed Galactic War Save button until it is functional
    -Fix for uneven starting metal on pacific
    -Fix for units not attacking sometimes
    -Fix for platoon crash

    Hotfix Build 79380

    -Fix to issues with auto attack
    -Replays are once again functioning (though replays created from the previous build will not work as they are corrupted)
    -Orbital Fabber restrictions can no longer be bypassed

    Release Build 79317

    Save/Load (first pass)
    -Very first pass on Save/Load now in game in its beta form (there will be some bugs, but we wanted to get this out for players to make use of asap)
    --Save/Load now works with AI Free For All skirmish
    ---Currently it will not remember dynamic alliances
    ---Currently has issues with alliances ending the game
    --Save/Load currently does not function for Galactic War
    --Spectating won’t work after you lose a loaded game
    --The sim will freeze while saving. This could take shorter or longer depending on amount of stuff being saved
    --You can also view save files as a replay
    ---In the future this will allow you to pick a spot in chronocam and load the game there, though it is not yet functioning
    -Next passes will be adding some of the missing functionality from above, including Galactic War and resume from anywhere in a replay.

    Orbital Deepspace Radar
    -Metal Cost increased to 600 from 300
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 1000 from 500

    Air Scout (Firefly)
    -Sight Range increased to 250 from 200

    -Radar Range increased to 450 from 400
    -Orbital Sight increased to 600 from 500

    Advanced Radar
    -Radar Range increased to 900 from 800
    -Orbital Sight increased to 1200 from 1000

    -New model to better communicate that your units can shoot through it
    -Mesh Bounds changed to [5, 3, 14] from [5, 5, 7] (Taller, more narrow)
    -Metal Cost increased to 50 from 25
    -Health decreased to 3000 from 5000
    -Atrophy Cooldown decreased to 0.5 from 15.0 (this is the time it takes for unit being built to die if you abandon it before it is finished)
    -Atrophy Rate increased to 20.0 from 0.416667

    Unit Cannon
    -Health increased to 18,000 from 9,000

    Orbital Factory
    -Health decreased to 9,000 from 15,000
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 250 from 100

    Orbital Mining Platform (Jig)
    -Nuke Radius increased to 250 from 200
    -Area Build Separation increased to 100 from 50

    Assault Bot (Dox)
    -Move Speed decreased to 18 from 20

    Boom Bot
    -Damage decreased to 600 from 700

    Combat Fabricator
    -Can no longer build walls.

    Added air_pbaoe ammo (air units with this will do AE damage on death)
    -Damage set to 30
    -Splash Radius set to 1.5
    -Splash Damages Allies set to True

    Fighter (Hummingbird)
    -Added air_pbaoe as death weapon
    -Health decreased to 150 from 200

    Bomber (Bumblebee)
    -Metal Cost increased to 280 from 240
    -Rate of Fire decreased to 7.5 from 10.0
    -Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

    Interplanetary Fighter (Phoenix)
    -Health decreased to 200 from 300
    -Ammo Lifetime decreased to 2 from 5
    -Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

    Tactical Missile Bomber (Hornet)
    -Added air_pbaoe as death weapon

    Battleship (Leviathan)
    -Ammo Lifetime decreased to 4 from 10

    -Ammo Lifetime decreased to 5 from Infinite
    -Velocity increased to 500 from 400

    Defense Satellite (Anchor)
    -Metal Cost increased to 2200 from 1800

    -All radar units that require energy to see the surface layer now require energy to see the underwater layer

    Defense Satellite (Anchor)
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 600 from 280

    Ion Defense (Umbrella)
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 500 from 300

    Orbital Fabricator
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 250 from 100
    -Can now reclaim features and wreckage
    -Can now assist and repair units and structures in the orbital layer
    -Can now assist and repair teleporters

    Orbital Lander
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 300 from 100

    Orbital Fighter
    -Orbital Sight Radius increased to 400 from 250

    Vehicle Factory
    -Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

    Air Factory
    -Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

    Bot Factory
    -Placement Size changed to [30,55] from [30,60]
    -Area Build Separation increased to 6 from 3

    Naval Factory
    -Placement Size changed to [20,50] from [20,47]
    -Area Build Separation increased to 10 from 3

    Advanced Naval Factory
    -Placement Size changed to [50,125] from [50,70]
    -Area Build Separation increased to 10 from 7

    -Firing Arc Type changed to High from Low
    -Max Firing Velocity increased to 68 from 53
    -Min Firing Velocity increased to 65 from 50
    -Range increased to 125 from 105
    -Vision Range increased to 130 from 120

    Heavy Tank (Leveler)
    -Hit points increased to 1500 from 1000
    -Turn Radius decreased to 60 from 90
    -Yaw Rate increased to 30 from 15
    -Splash Radius increased to 3 from 0
    -Full Damage Splash Radius increased to 1 from 0

    Gunship (Kestrel)
    -Metal Cost decreased to 600 from 720

    -Build Energy Draw increased to 2000 from 1500
    -Energy Production decreased to 2000 from 3000
    -Metal Production decreased to 20 from 30
    -Metal Storage increased to 1500 from 1000
    -Energy storage increased to 45,000 from 20,000

    -Commander and missile turret weapons now prioritize pelicans over other non-prioritized air units

    Metal Extractor
    - Metal Cost increased to 170 from 150

    -Phoenix, Barracuda, Kraken and Unit Cannon enabled in Galactic War

    -Added new ranked system Amplus to the matchmaking pool
    -Added new systems Amplus and Blitz to the default system list
    -Updated every ranked system with new iterations
    -Removed Battlefield and Inner Sol System from the pre-made system list
    -Adjusted the recommended players for all of the ranked systems and the PAX system
    -Fixed issues of Assisting/Repairing failing (most commonly seen from Factories with Patrol not having fabbers it built assist it)
    -Fixed for units under construction by orbital factory moving when factory is being assisted by orbital fabbers
    -Adjustments to how AI prioritizes based on planet resources
    -Fix for rare cases where units would not fire
    -Fix for a few coherent crashes
    -Fix for missing vision on reconnect
    -Beta tag added to Save/Load buttons on the main menu
    -Fix for build orders not loading (not factory queues, but actual build orders like from Commander or Fabber)
    -Fix for weird floating units after load
    -Annihilazer should now load correctly (unless it's mid-fire, you will need to fire it again in that case
    -Craters now load correctly
    -Alliances restored during save/load
    --Loaded games don't end properly when allied victory is true (upcoming)
    -Credits system added for our writer
    -Coherent fix for crashes
    -Fix for crash in AntiWeapon code (should fix that anti-nuke not firing issue)
    -AI unit cap is now adjustable via the ai_config file
    -Online (PlayFab) save games are found under Replays (Local saves still found in same spot, this will be better in future pass)
    -Save games filter added to Replay browser
    -Units falling behind the group will now pathfind much better
    -Performance improvements for large army battles and large numbers of units
    -Optimization pass on weapon tasks
    -Improvement for dark side of the planet with shadows turned off
    -Upgrade to Coherent 2.5.4
    --Update to UI framework that should improve stability of the game on Mac & Linux
    -Change Gamma display name from Delta to Gamma
    -Improvements to AI threat handling
    -Added Submarine influence for the AI
    -AI will scout smarter depending on difficulty
    -Factory build task improvements
    -Fix for cases where army vision was not granted correctly
    -AI will now realize if its nukes are destroyed mid flight and react
    -Random planets will no longer spawn to where they will collide with one another
    -Fixed landing zone bug on random planets
    -Increased average metal on random planets
    -Fixed case where shift key would get stuck while panning the mouse
    -Fixed crash from patrolling with large amount of subs
    -AI will now use subs
    -Fix for amphibious units not using patrol correctly
    -Completely re-worked neural networks for the AI
    -Fix for an instance of AI getting stuck
    -AI will now defend base for longer before abandoning it
    -Minor changes to how AI will invade a planet
    -Added Random System picker to the game lobby
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    First! :D

    This is the first time I've actually had a developer warn me of the pending update to stable build, then the game client tells me a new build is available, and I restart Steam and download the new client and check the forum to see @jables' post!

    Can't wait to play! Anyone fancy a 1v1? I want to try the new map.
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    This is gonna be gud.

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    That gif has absolutely nothing to do with anything mentioned in this thread but it's fine because Light Chair.
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    Unit Cannon in Galactic War! Yay!
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    This is seriously one of the biggest updates we've seen in a long while. Just look at that list of bug fixes!
    You have a typo!
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    Awesome, now I can play with PTE awesomeness against the world!!
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    Anchor listed twice

    Contradictory notes: Currently it will not remember dynamic alliances... -Alliances restored during save/load

    Numerous notes about load fixes, except this is the first time it has been released :)
    Last edited: March 12, 2015
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    Looks pretty sweet.
  11. Killerkiwijuice

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    Having coherent crash as soon as PA.exe starts (window client area is just black). Out of 8 coherent hosts one crashes, resing window crashes others. Didn't happen in pte-78886, didn't play later PTEs. Win7 64, drivers up to date.
  14. jables

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    Replays hotfix probably tomorrow.
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    Coherent UI crash is back for me too. But it happened ingame and seemed to be random (2 times so far; 1 time with mods, 1 time without).

    Win7 x64, AMD graphics, drivers up to date
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    Also, I was just updating my mods and found out that
    (which I did move to tool spec) no longer prevents fabbers from assisting factories (I'm only able to test this in 78886 though, since coherent crash iun stable...). This kinda breaks one of my mods, any chance of old behavior or new json flag or something? @jables
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    You took your time to fix that bug that was all of 30 mins old
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    Is celestial radar separate from god-like orbital radar? Can someone check? I'm kinda busy atm... :(
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    I asked tvinitia in the PAStats chat and he said they decided to hold off on that change for now. He declined to mention why specifically, but that's all right.

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