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    I was finally able to figure out how to add my MNC servers to HLSW. If you go to the HLSW site, look under GAME SERVERS on the menu to the left (or you could just click here http://www.hlsw.org/gameserver/) You can search for your server here. For some reason, HLSW does not recognize ports like 7777 or 7779, etc so you have to search for the server here and then look at the IP address HLSW is recognizing.

    Also, keep in mind, if you use one of the batch templates to start your server, your server name will actually be DEDICATED so when you search for a server, you should search by IP like this:


    Be sure to use the asterisk at the end so it will pull up all servers with that IP minus the port. Then you can click on each server and find yours and find the IP address. Enter that address into HLSW and you should see it.

    I have not figured out how to run any admin commands from there yet, but at least you can see the server status and the players.
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    You do not have to go through all of that to find your server in HLSW.

    Because MNC is running through Steam, they are using Steam Ports.

    I am running three servers right now and the ports that are being used are:


    So in IP/Port at the top of HLSW, put your IP of the server and start with port 27016 and you should see that your server shows up.

    Also, if you are running your server through the Batch file and you changed your server's name via the Server Description in the command line, it should show that Name in HLSW.

    Until they supply RCON support with the MNC Dedicated Server, you will not be able to admin your server with HLSW, because you need some way to remote admin into the server.

    Unless someone comes up with a Hacked way of doing so, which I don't think is likely.
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    Well, this is at-least a start to see how is on. But no way to boot people to make room, and that sort of capability leaves us limited. Hoping to give my group of a friends a simple way to admin the server so they can all get on when the server is full, but not password it.

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