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Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by Culverin, September 17, 2016.

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    Hi hi....

    How are things going?
    It's been a very long time since I've stopped in to say hi.
    Been distracted by life and other games. Ended up going back to Forged Alliance Forever for lols and survival.

    I haven't really touched this game in ages.
    I'm really hoping Uber does well, they seem to have a very pool of talent.

    Just hoping you guys might be able to give me a quick update so I don't have to sieve the forums for nuggets of incomplete info.
    Can I grill you guys for the honest quick and dirty?

    1. What are the general impressions of the Titans expansion?

    2. How's the health of the community? Player base? General vibe?

    3. Devs still doing patches/hotfixes?

    4. What's on the horizon for PA? Anything we know coming down the pipe?

    5. Did we ever get maps with true multi-levels, chokes and verticality like this?

      and tight corridor fights like this?

    6. Did we ever get that amazing more-power-than-SupCom-UI I was dreaming about?

    7. What's the comp scene like? I presume from the lack of buzz, that eSports never happened?
      No livestreaming capability?

    8. How did those million unit battles go?
      Did the game engine/code hold up? (64-bit + multi threading doing it's job?)

    9. What's the observer/caster mode like?

    10. Did that "scrub through a game and take control to replay a game from any point" thing happen?

    11. General thoughts towards 3D planets/systems now that the newness has worn off.

    12. Did the community ever get a tile-by-tile map maker?

    I understand if these topics might have controversial answers.
    Feel free to PM me :)

    Even if my time hasn't been with PA, my heart and hopes have always been.
    My brain is always churning with ideas.

    Hoping the community is well and the devs are in a good place.
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    1. pretty good but could use some more tweaking and a few couple extras .. orbital is .. okeyish

    2. feels a bit silent at least forumwise

    3. last one is about 3(?) months old by now .. devs havent communicated much since then

    4. no idea .. i wouldn´t get my hopes up for something new too soon ..

    5. kinda but not like in the picture

    6. ... ... ... i guess no

    7. exodus esports and the occassional community tournament

    8. simspeed goes down heavily unless you have an uberserver ... no not the company a UBERserver

    9. is ok .. could be better

    10. .... idk ...

    11. still awesome ... could use some polish but the core concept is pretty darn cool imho

    12. nope, and probaly won´t ... it simply doesn´t work like that .. i kinda could imagine brushbased ..
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    7. The age of god is over
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    1. It's good, but could have more stuff.
    2. Still chugging along, but not with as much vigor as it once did. We'll see how many people show to watch/donate in the AbleGamer's event next Saturday.
    3. It's not devs anymore so much as @mikeyh, who's collaborating with the devs to get some stuff in. He got an in-game mod manager in among other things in on the 31st of May and other things in the pipeline look to include easy server hosting and easy mod unit management. Expect most of the upcoming improvements to the game to be in the vein of the Legion Community Expansion Mod though rather than Uber driven initiatives.
    4. See above.
    5. The Mesas as seen in the picture are gone; what we have are rather large platforms of raised terrain. There's a fair few great maps with good terrain variation and choke-points, but the random map generator is still not great for real terrain variation.
    6. Modded SupCom UI with area commands is superior to modded PA UI with UberMap mod, but comparing vanilla SC and vanilla PA both have things that the other can't do.
    7. Built in livestreaming capability was a thing for a little while before becoming not a thing when Twitch stopped working on a certain API. Streaming scene has kinda died down and tourneys seem to have slowed down lately.
    8. Perf could be better once you get a few thousand units. A million units was/is a pipe dream.
    9. It's decent, you can't tell where players attention is focused but you can see economic overviews and there's live graphs and stuff.
    10. Only in single player games.
    11. Planets > Box maps
    12. No, no tile by tile, but we can do anything we want basically with terrain features which allows us to more or less sculpt maps to how we want them.

    Welcome back, it's been a while!
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    still having vietnammemories? :p
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    You're not?
  7. MrTBSC

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    ok appearantly i am missing something what is it?

    otherwise ... no, at least nothing regarding this game
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    my favorite person on the forums ever!!


    it's been so long!
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    #5 It simply didn't work out with the spherical maps. Problem is, with such high mesas, or deep trenches, you only get a proper view in between from a few specific camera angles. At low zoom levels, the curvature of the planets effectively limits the field of view, as for the "sloped" parts of the planet, most of the units would be permanently obstructed by these high rising features.

    TL;DR: Doesn't work with 3D planets. Would need support for 2D maps.

    #6 Unfortunately, no. The area commands are superior, but the ability to interact properly with defined command chains is missing. What's missing is mostly the ability to edit set command chains, to attach units to a previously defined one (respectively to join chains for reducing duplicate effort), and (for the strategists) a route planer which doesn't require to assign a specific unit yet. Unfortunately, that command system is rather awkward to modify by mods.

    #8 Maybe one day. There is certainly still head room for improvement, but I wouldn't expect too much. Even just achieving a slightly better scaling with the number of CPU cores, or halving the memory consumption would already be a great feat.

    Not comparable, really. Spherical maps allow for different map styles than 2D maps do. Planets have more possible attack vectors which stresses defense, while 2D maps usually also incorporate the map boundaries and also better emphasize choke points.

    #12 Currently simply not possible. For every planet featuring a mix of water and land mass bodies, there is no alternative to using a random generated height map. The ability to define a planets basic shape from a cube map / interpolate instead of a purely random noise function was never provided. The editor itself could also use some love, to make it more accessible.
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    i need a step by step.
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    Im not here for ages too but PA titans that i still dont have just talk for what i have see have made a fantastic work here.

    And legion expansion its just really good.

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