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    well i bought a new hdd (i know sucks) but it was a good value for my country so i installed the hhd in august 15th and on december it started to make cracking noises(well it did it in start as well but i didn't check the DOA box )anyway it left alone for a hwhile but now it just clancs every 10 or so min only for a'spin' i tried the chdisk and also used the auseus program to help me on that cuse from win 10 you can't just call it and for my 500 gb hd is too much of its a toshiba YEAH I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE WD but since the report from auses and the screen before the win logon says i have 0 bad sectors and the surface test reports everything runs smoothly i don't know what else. update ide/sata drivers well there is no ide conection need for this driver all drivers are uptodate with with driver booster pro as well as im an advanced user i tweak it and oc but the southbrigde is still intact im just wondering could my actual conection cables cuse the problem or the fact tha the hdd is on 6gb port? s.m.a.r.t. test is disabled cuse it reports that the disc is in a bad state and needs to be backed up and replaced so my actuall inquarity is there any programm i can see details of my hdd this affect my games responce time some times to upt to 15 mins espaciall for more thna 10 gb game my pc is
    H81M-C motherboard with the new version of bios on
    INTEL G3240 3.10 oc 3.15
    kingston ddr3 dim one at 1033 one at 1666 they don't match so i can't get the proper ddr3 frequency
    ASUS NVIDIA GTX 750 OC PH 2GB oc with evga precotion x (new update)(trying to get the GTX 750 TI Bios on)
    HDD 500 gb toshiba
    optiarc DVD rw ad
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    you can't have clanks AND a functional HDD. clanks means it's broken Wwwwwaaaaaaay beyond repair. (I've had this issue. it's not every "spin" do you know what 7200 RPM means? it's the arm or one of the arms of the HDD that fell of the edge of the disk and it's trying to get back on but can't. even if it could by now it'd only risk scratching the disk surface)

    obviously you knew toshiba isn't the reference point but that doesn't really mean anything sometimes you get lucky and it works for dozens of years sometimes you're not.

    at any rate WD is not the best.

    gl but i strongly suggest you unplug that HDD from your computer at this rate it might start causing electrical feedback that could cause damage to the other components of the PC. don't risk it.

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