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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by Raevn, December 30, 2013.

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    It should be instantaneous
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    Need to wait 10 mins or so. Im having an issue with 2 maps in the pack not showing up, I think I fixed it but don't know till the updated version is up. Im stating maximum minimum players, so [ 4, 8 ] but on the two that don't work, that are for a set number, I stated [ 4, ] im thinking the , may be the issue or do I need to specify minimum and maximum regardless of if they are the same or not? Either way ive updated it using [ 4, 4 ] stating the minimum and maximum regardless so ill see if that fixes it. If not ill have to see if there are any other issues.
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    Is it zip specific, or do you not know about local filesystem mods? Much easier to work out little details before packaging for the mod manager.

    On windows there should be a directory like

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Uber Entertainment\Planetary Annihilation

    Add a client_mods directory, and then a folder for your mod, which has the zip contents You should have

    ....\Planetary Annihilation\client_mods\<mod id>\modinfo.json

    when it's all set up.

    If you uninstall any CMM versions beforehand, it should show up in your installed mods with a note that it's a local filesystem mod. You'll need to refresh local mods in CMM if you make any changes to modinfo, but most other files you can just reload the scene you are on (e.g. load system)

    Of course if you later want to validate the downloaded version, you'll have to move the local files so they don't get picked up.
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    How do I update or remove a mod then? In case I need to release an updated version but I don't want the old one to be still there? Thanks.
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    Newer versions will be recognised and replace old versions. Just ensure you're updating the date and version in modinfo.
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    Updated ant4lyfe, updated version number and build date in modinfo.json, deleted old release and submitted new one with same name as old one so that zip should be in same location. Still need to wait up to 20 minutes for CMM to update?

    EDIT: Okay, answer is yes, and it worked. Excellent!
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