Grand Strategy in Planetary Annihilation - think big to win

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    Courtesy of @BobChaos, eXodus eSports is proud to present a new guide for intermediate and advanced players: Grand Strategy.

    Got eco and production nailed down? Been winning more games than losing? Still feeling that something is missing? This guide offers you insight into that missing something: an understanding of the greater mechanics at work on such large scale battlefields, information that transcends the current meta. It’s all about your Planetary Annihilation strategy.

    Being able to see the grander scheme of things will win you battles much more often than skills with the mouse and keyboard ever will. You’ll find something to help improve your game in here.

    Read the full guide here.
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    A good article that I enjoyed reading:) keep up the good work exodus (edit: and @BobChaos ) . There are a lot to learn for manny players

    I have to say though that the article is far from something for pro players. To anyone over gold this should be pretty basic. I have to say though that it is perfect for someone with a few hours in the game that wants to dig deeper. What is described is the normal stuff every good player is automatically doing. It is good for a reminder though.

    Again a great article and keep up the good work:)
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    "Planning is indispensable, but plans are useless." Dwight D. Eisenhower :)
    Excellent article! Thank you!
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    I write many, large, horribly overloaded guides for many different games. Sprawling guides like these are truly quite valuable, not because they offer insight as to advanced strategies, but because they exaggerate the concept of the game they're associated to.

    They take a long time to read, and they take a longer time to write. They also don't have an excessive amount of depth to them, and tend to cover as many topics as possible. However, that's what makes them so much more useful than any other type of guide: they give the reader the tools necessary to adapt to the meta, to discover advanced concepts and strategies on their own, and how to adapt if necessary. Guides that are too detailed tend to have their details blurred over time, either from patches or from the ever-evolving meta. Even worse are guides that detail how to use specific strategies, and none other.

    A good guide teaches the player to play. A bad guide tells the player how to play. No matter how experienced or skillful you are, if you only know a few strategies, you will inevitably begin to fail once those strategies become obsolete. Even if the game isn't changing, the meta is. Never rely on one strategy or line of thinking to guide you.

    That aside, I can safely say this is a good guide. Perhaps the best guide currently available for PA. Really. The only thing comparable to this is the guide it was based on, which is also an excellent read.
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    be sure to put that stuff on steam as well ...
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    Glad you all liked it :D

    There's more coming soon too! Keep an eye on Exodus' guides section.

    @MrTBSC it's on Steam and I plan on putting the other ones on there too at some point, probably after they get published on Exodus.
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