Giving Combat Fabbers Bridges?

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Let Combat Fabber build bridges?

  1. Yes I think it'll diversify the game without imbalancing anything

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  2. No I think it'll break balance in some way

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  1. Tripod27

    Tripod27 Active Member

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    So I thought of this idea since I was making a ton of more water based maps recently (yay for naval not sucking anymore!) and I had a lot of big islands separated by water, meaning tanks from one island couldn't travel to another island without air transport or new factories being built on the other island

    Now either of these solutions are perfectly fine, but building entire new factories on the other island is sometimes overkill and generally takes a while, and constantly cycling pelicans in and out from island to island takes a lot of micro, so I was thinking, would it be possible to give combat fabbers the ability to make bridges? And would that add something positive to the game?

    What I'm thinking is making them little blocks like the wall tiles, except they have almost no health and units can drive over them, with thicker bridges allowing more units (this also allows dox a way to shoot while crossing water). You can use bridges to send tanks from one island to another cheaply and with little micro, but on the other hand they'd be extremely vulnerable to enemy fire, like bomber raids naval blockades or ground units on the other side of the bridge taking out the last few tiles, which means that you can even strand an army on a bridge by taking out both sides so they have no way to get off, and high HP units like vanguards going down quickly if the bridge they're on gets destroyed.

    It doesn't take away from bot water raiding, since you need a bot factory to build the bridge, and the setup of any decently thick or long bridge is going to take a while and be easy to destroy, while bot rushes are fast and need no setup

    I'm guessing it's possible to let units path on structures (I've had a few dox glitch up in the past and stand on the side of my bot factory like spiderman) so now I'm wondering if you guys think it'll be a good thing to add to the game?
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  2. ace902902

    ace902902 Active Member

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  3. doomrater

    doomrater Active Member

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    Bridges are cool, and they could either impede or not impede naval at the same time...
  4. cdrkf

    cdrkf Post Master General

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    Interesting idea, although we do have gates already...
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  5. frostsatir

    frostsatir Active Member

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    Bad idea. When i create map with islands i have no planning that players will spam bridges.It can't destroy "game balance" maybe, but it can destroy "map balance".
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  6. davostheblack

    davostheblack Well-Known Member

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    Multi-unit pelicans would be much more useful in this respect
  7. LeadfootSlim

    LeadfootSlim Well-Known Member

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    Pelicans are underused already - partially because the type of map that gives you "proper" islands is rare. You need a large planet where there's enough landmass to actually fight on, but also enough water that there's not just puddles impeding normal ground marches.

    If there's enough water for that, though, there's also enough water for naval, meaning there's a good chance your enemy might be halfway in the water and able to defend themselves with boats or just building structures on the water. On a lava map, you can get good islands, but players will scale up their air usage accordingly and that can make it harder to afford the fighter screening AND pelicans AND land units to mount such an attack. And again, since this size of map is somewhat rare, the requisite meta testing hasn't quite been done.

    There's more problems that need solving with islands as-is... bridges might just make things worse.
  8. TheFinitePeach

    TheFinitePeach New Member

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    I'm not entirely sure about this but if someone made a mod with bridges I think I would definitely test it out...

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