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Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by perecil, September 19, 2014.

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    The french gaming site Gamekult has also reviewed the game:

    The game got 7/10. (note that Gamekult is generally very harsh with it's notation, for example Destiny got a 6/10, and SC2:HOTS got a 8/10). Here's the translation of the bottom footer :

    • Gigantic armies
    • Long term strategies
    • Spherical maps are very well handled
    • Movements and interplanetary battles (I guess they talk about teleporters, stuff like that)
    • We're able to send planets to enemie's faces!
    • Huge possibilities for team play
    • Epic game sessions
    • ... that are some missing some pace
    • Units are missing charisma
    • Terrestrial combat is limited
    • Galactic Wars is tasteless, dull to play
    • A little messy
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    I don't see how 6/10 for Destiny or 8/10 for HotS are overly harsh ratings. If anything, the HotS score is too high.

    7/10 for PA is fair.
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    I mean, compared to other web-sites :). (Metacritic gives 77/100 for destiny, and 86/100 for HOTS). To me Gamekult has the "correct" notation.
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    I usually like Gamekult's tests.
    They "feel" objective.
    And they are usually not afraid to slap a game in the face if there are problems in it.
    Which is good.
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    The two most important things to evaluate the quality of a review are IMHO:
    To what lenghts they go to make a problem out of lack of savegames (for the average game, there is none)/how much they write about the lack of savegames.
    And wheter they did or did not get Area commands, Picture in Picture and all the other features (if they talk about micro being there or lack of overview, they did not).

    All the good scores so far came from Europe. So I guess the game revieving european needs much less hand holding to understand stuff like PiP, A-Coms and the other cool stuff.
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    Yeah, I posted about this one in another thread here and there. What I don't understand is why it doesn't appear on metacritic, knowing they already appear there as a critic with lots of review. It's been quite a long time since it was published, compared to recent added review from other site.

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