Game is still unexplored?

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    I just feel that there is no such a mainstream tactic for every game.
    Player needs to observe on the planetary system to choose the proper tactics.

    How about the landing zones?
    It is rich or poor?
    How far to the enemy landing zone?
    How large is the planet? Can enemy rush me?

    Is it a system which contains multiple planets?
    Does the system contain the gas giant?
    Does the system contain the planetary weapons?
    Should I rush orbital factory?

    There are just too many factors, so I believe there is no general opening tactic.
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    my general critique and assumtion about this is that people don't use much diverse compositions because how often too rich the maps are they play on ... i imagine with maps that are both scarce on metal and much more spread out (meaning you have 3 or 4 clumbs of metalpatches each clump having 3 or 4 points) people would
    play a less expansive but more consolidating play ... the problem with rich planets is often that the metal on it rarely gets contested but just harrassed ...
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    - using transporter to fly with scout-vehicle over an area to scout for mines. Without unloading the scout vehicle...
    - drop mobile nuke vehicle through helios into base. Rumours say it is possible, but I never observed this.
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    The manhattan through Helios is the go to move I've seen in most orbital games I've played.
    I've only seen the skitter in a pelican in a cast, seems really cool if you have air control but pelicans are so weak that it's only worth it to inspect shore areas before coming in with amphibious units.
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    Build a few pelicans and keep them in your build que's and if they're there you will use them. I use pelican's all the time, had a game other day where one player had a titan and a far larger force, I had larger economy I was just putting it in to other things - no stall no float, any way set a factory to produce some pelicans, safe to say a few levellers in a few pelicans can win any game in seconds, this time it worked as a nice pincer movement paired with a nuke.

    I will second the skill level being low, im just getting to grips with using camera anchors in non orbital ways, you use anchor 1 for your last macro position and anchor 2 for your last offensive position and reset them as you switch between which takes the confusion away from having a certain view flicking to the field then flicking back to a different position than before. It can be very effective.

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