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    Today i want to show you a wonderful mode ive made to change some of the aspects of Planetary annihilation Titans and its balance with Legion.

    This mod affects unit balance. specially its compatible with legion knowing that there are some persons saying that legion is OP i dont really belive that legion is OP and i decided to make some changes to the MLA faction trying to give it more chances againts the legion armory.

    All changes in this mod can be found on all units descriptions texts
    Some of the most important changes are
    -Ragnarock becomes a huge resource generator once builded but it unleash a 4 times stronger explosion if is destroyed before it reach the annihilation
    - Atlas titan cost reduced from 30k to 26k
    -Compatible with Legion
    -Unit cannons can load 24 units
    -manhattans are more deadly

    GitHub port

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