Exclude boombots, locusts and their Legion counterparts from combat unit selection?

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    I think that both the boombot and the locust should not be selected alongside general purpose combat units. These two are best used massed and independently of any other ground force. You dont want to spread these thin but you want to use them all at once and concentrated in one spot.

    You want to be able to select geneal purpose land blobs and send them out very quickly without the need to deselect both the boombot and the locust every time you want to issue an order to a raiding party.

    Can we have a mod that disables combat selection for boombots, locusts and their Legion counterparts? You dont want these box selected alongside slammer, leveler and ants for example. Instead you want these to gather inside your base and once they have grown in numbers you can use them to their full potential when massed.
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