Enhancement Update 105067 is now live!

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    A host of new custom commanders, free for everyone!
    • Added Locust, XOV, Reaver, spz58624, raizell, visionik, tykus24, mostlikely, nagasher, zancrowe, kevin4001, damubbster, commandonut, sadiga, jt00010177, vidicarus
    Balance changes:
    • Removed friendly commander reclaim
    • Changed grenadier group preference to back
    • Changed default bounty to 0.25
    POV Camera Mode, Spectator Selection, Holodeck Improvements
    Alternative Win Conditions
    • Sudden death for teams (protect your weakest player)

    Sim Speed Control for Local Servers
    • Added sim speed control for local servers with key bindings -/=
    AI Improvements
    • Added AI shared armies
    • Added resume anywhere for AI games with no human players
    • Fixed black screen joining game over state
    • Added social notifications when uberbar hidden
    • Fixed broken classic galactic war saves with missing combined unit_list.json for.ai and .player spec tags
    • Changed handling of look at player for spectators to use units
    • Changed label for dynamic alliances eco sharing from RESC to SHARE ECO
    • Added Friendly_Commander reclaim type and excluded friendly commanders from default unit reclaim type. Commander reclaim can be enabled again by adding Friendly_Commander to reclaim_types.
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