Engine Support for Regenerative Shieldbars

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    So, I'm not talking about Legion-style shields (although proper engine support for a non-jank Legion-like shield could be cool too).

    I'm talking about shieldbars that act like healthbars, except:
    1. They are bypassed by reclaim damage (to remove exploits related to ally-reclaim—also makes thematic sense)
    2. Non-reclaim damage is taken from the shieldbar before the healthbar
    3. Shieldbars regenerate over time, even while the unit is taking damage.*

    What this would do for balance:
    1. It'd allow for the creation of units that counter low-DPS high-range units like the Gil-E by soaking up shots.

    Additional useful features:
    1. Engine support for units that grant nearby units temporary shieldbars.

    Shield parameters that should be supported in unit JSONs:
    1. maximum shield (obvious)
    2. shield regeneration rate (variable rates can lead to interesting balance potential)
    3. shield regeneration cooldown* (non-0 value means that unit must not take damage for at least X seconds before starting regeneration)
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