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Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by theraider209, December 27, 2016.

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    Today i was experimenting whit units and making a mod. But i got a great idea! I am making this tool to easily create units! I will add more features. Don't mind the looks: it is basic text. Soon i am going to replace it.

    I am working on it and i will post a link as soon as i am allowed to use links and as soon as the tool has entered the first state! I hope you like this. This will give other people that can't make mods the chance to free their creativity! I am working as fast as i can.

    After i have basic units done, i'l also include things like the modconfig tool and so on. Making units is not hard, but i understand that this is easyer and takes less time. The first state will be usable, but would not make a complete PA unit. It will miss components like sound, and effects.

    The only thing that you will need basic JSON for is if you want to add extra effects.

    PS: i am planning to do 2 things. The first versions will be batch (.BAT) and after that i will make a web file (.HTML) because i'm a HTML developer.

    This is open source, but i don't like people who repost this tool excatly the same and saying it's theirs!
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    Best of luck! A gui for unit modification would always be appreciated, I used to do it the hard way and it's mind-numbing and noticeably lengthier.
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    Interesting. If that were to be released, i wouldn't be surprised if someone were to make a an entire faction of Rainbow Machines.

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