Dual monitor system with blank screen on main monitor

Discussion in 'Support!' started by s03g, July 18, 2019.

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    Hi, I hope someone would be able to help me with the issue I am currently facing.

    I have 2 27UK600-W's in which I'm having the game being displayed over both of them. The main monitor is black and has the mouse present but the other monitor has the UI.

    Frustratingly I cannot provide a screenshot of the issue as the screenshot shows that it's working as intended.
    If I minimise the game then nothing changes other than it's now displaying what is on the 2nd monitor but frozen.

    AMD Freesync is disabled as is Gsync.

    On the off chance I have uploaded my DxDiag, my drivers are up to date and the issue also occurs with the latest version of PA.

    The game works as intended if I run the game in windowed mode or if I unplug the 2nd monitors displayport but this solution is far from ideal as I need to use the other monitor for when I stream and I'd like to run the game in full screen if at all possible.

    Many thanks

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    Please open a new ticket with this information at https://support.planetaryannihilation.com/

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