Don't get down after you get toasted

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    Review the game and learn from what your enemy did.

    When I played TA I was a pure turtler.. Same in Supcom. I gave up the idea of such a tatic for PA.

    Anyways.. when I started playing I was doing pretty well winning most but than I played an 3 person FFA.. The one guy just dummied us.. utterly dummied us. At first I was just like.. wow... i don't get how I lost so badly, so I decided to review the game. The big thing was he littered his base and expansions with T1 turrets (more used to slow my armies so he could move his into position to defend I found) and building bot factories EVERYWHERE .. I mean everywhere.

    I don't think I have lost after adopting this strat.. it's kind of amazing lol.

    Basically, use the review game feature if you get utterly dummied.
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