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    Should we have the method or super weapon to destroy the gas giant?

    Current system provides the Halley, Catalyst, and the Ragnarok to destroy the planet, moon, and asteroid.
    However, it lacks the weapon to destroy the gas giant.
    Players can't neither smash the planet into to the gas giant, nor use the dead star laser to target the gas giant.

    I think player would like to annihilate everything.
    Why not allow the Halley and Catalyst to target the gas giant?

    Expected Results:
    Halley smash: sweep and erase all the orbital units and buildings on the gas giant.
    Annihilaser: light up the gas giant, turn the gas giant into a small sun, deny further usage.

    Since the gas giant has only orbital layer, I think both result doesn't affect the path finding.
    And they won't encounter the problem of crater system.

    Another more crazy idea is to destroy or modify the sun.
    For example, increase the radius of the sun.
    And the sun will swallow the planets which are too close to it.
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    The asteroid would get stuck in the planet using real physics and would have nowhere to go yet still have all of its properties using PA's mechanics, and both of those are a big nono
    I think it is because they would have to make a different animation for the explosion of gas giants, lots more programming which doesnt help at all
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    I believe any game doesn't apply real physics, they only applies the simplified collision detection.
    And the current PA detects the collision between every planet all the time.
    Thus, the map designer can create a system to contain two planets which will collide after 20 min.
    And player may smash the asteroid into other non-target planet since the asteroid hits other planet on the way.

    I think the current collision mechanism can be also applied to gas giant.
    The real workload to implement it is the special effect of gas giant.

    I guess the current gas giant and sun have no collision detection.
    And the asteroid can fly though or scrape them with nothing happens.
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    Not sure if sarcasm so:
    Can't do that anymore.
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    We can't nuke the gas giant now.
    And it caused some issues.
    Once you lost the orbital fight on gas giant, you can never take it back!
    The eco, production capability, and the number of orbital unit can never keep up with the opponent's.
    PA should allow the player to use the nuke to reverse this situation.
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    If there is a gas giant, it should become a massive battleground in the endless battle for resources.
    Unfortunately, now that orbital vision is universal, gas giants are centered around hit and run attacks against the enemy's eco from a different planet while fortifying your own base against such attacks. If orbital vision was limited on gas giants, we would actually get similar play to a land war with tanks and dox on a moon. Each side would have a base, and be performing raids against the enemy in a straightforward manner. Adv. Radar, Radar Sats, and the little Hermes would be super useful for scouting.

    The OWOM demonstrated this quite spectacularly when Uber decided to remove orbital vision from the Orbital Radar. In my opinion, it made orbital much more interesting to play.
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    Gas giant should be high reward, high risk mining option. It should be possible to nuke it by anybody.
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