Dark Reign: The Future of War

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    Never heard of it?

    It was a big deal in Australia, New Zealand and Germany back in 1997. There was even an expansion that came out a year after initial release. Published by Activision and Developed by Auran in the back of a fish & chip shop in Brisbane, Australia. It's among the most oft-overlooked entries into our beloved genre (RTS).

    And it's good, really good! And people still play it! So I'm posting here to let ya'll know the multiplayer community for this hidden-gem of an RTS is in full swing - there has even been a community patch released in 2019. The first in over ten years!

    Now fully compatible with Windows 10, working online multiplayer, a fully featured single-player campaign. Dark Reign has everything you would want from a retro RTS made contemporary.

    If you're an old fan of Dark Reign or just curious about what it has to offer come check out the community websites darkreign.ws and darkreignws.com or visit the discord @ discord.gg/fhgQwub

    Feel free to comment below any other overlooked RTS games from the 1990's era that still have a thriving multiplayer community. A few that you may already be familiar with; CNCnet, War2 ru, NetstormHQ and Populous: Reincarnated. These are all 110% worth checking out.

    There's even a community trailer for Dark Reign on YouTube. Hope to see you out there! :^)
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    OpenRA with red alert and tiberian dawn is a lot of fun .. shattered paradise which is a tiberian sun mod for OpenRA has a lot of work behind it (3 extra factions and new units) and looks awesome ..

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