CSG wrapping around the planet

Discussion in 'Mapping and stuff' started by Mirolog, September 15, 2015.

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    You know that when you make CSG really big compared to platet size, they will try to "wrap" around the planet to look good. And it works good with plateaus/mountains/etc.

    However, there are some problems. For example, if you will try to place "metal crater" csg (not present in system editor, can be found in metal_boss biome) over a planet's pole it will freak out.

    Also, it's impossible to make BIG craters, because crater csg will lose it's depth when wrapping around the planet. So if you will try to make a big crater it will look like part of the planet was cut with giant knife.

    @jables , I think that "wrapping shold be disabled for craters. Also, I want to see this:
    Deeper and darker crater. It looks much better than in-game crater right now. And maybe it should be not pathable for fround units.
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    Oh yes please bring the old craters back.

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