Couple of issues, Build Galactic v66567

Discussion in 'Support!' started by ollyleigh, May 27, 2014.

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    Didn't quite know what to set the title as I have a couple...

    The main issue I am having at the moment is when selecting a group of units via the click and drag method. If my cursor strays too far to the bottom (I believe its when it hovers over the build menu) while dragging, I am unable to pan the screen. My current work around is to de-select any units then re-select them.
    It is occurring quite regularly.

    I have had a couple of failed logins and constant "Generating Planets" (I.E. will not continue and I have to quit the game) attempting to play the Galactic War (which I am loving), not sure if this is to be expected or a known issue.
    My system is relatively decent (i7 4770k, 8GB Ram, R9 290) with a good internet connection (40Mb Fibre).

    I'm not really looking to have these resolved immediately, just hoping these may be resolved in a later version as these are what stick out to me the most.

    Oh and a little suggestion for the Galactic War mode. I wouldn't give the user the ability to completely delete their current progress during a battle. I am talking about the "Abandon War" option. I got hit by this earlier when I had to quit quickly. I am aware this was my mistake as it does inform you what the action will do, but it is easily done. I am a developer myself and believe that it isn't really the best place for it. If people are against me on this then so be it :) as I doubt I will be clicking it again.
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    just putting this here as well:

    My aa bots were able to fire at an orbital radar structure, but my grenadiers weren't (it was on a metal planet on a hard to reach spot, across a chasm)

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