to launch monthly 1v1 and bi-monthly 2v2 tournaments

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    All matches will be played with our constantly updated and evolving 4-tier mod of Legion, which is an order of magnitude deeper than the stale base Titans balance, and on brand-new, larger maps, that offer an order of magnitude more scope for bigger and deeper battles than the tiny and by now super-stale official Ranked maps. And of course, all matches will be played on the server, which uses the fastest Xeon available by Intel for PA right now (E3-1285 v6 with 64GB of DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe SSD).

    More details to be announced in the next few days, and the first matches will be played in the coming week.

    These events will complement our newly relaunched Clan Wars, Clan League and Battle Royale events, to offer a complete suite of competitive events for PA that explore the game's full breadth and scope: from breakneck 1v1 battles to huge clan wars and FFAs with dozens of players on massive systems that take hours to complete. Meanwhile, features of the advanced balance include a massive reworking of the air game, so that games on large planets won't degenerate to who has the biggest air blob, and many other improvements like an annihilaser cooldown, massive gas giant nerf, etc., on top, of course, of 4-tier mechanics of unprecedented depth.

    Oh yeah, and there will also be prizes, when we can afford them.

    So keep an eye on this thread for more details as we venture into this brave new world of PA events together!
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