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    So far i've been pretty confused on the actual use of the Colonel but recently while playing around in sandbox, if spammed, it could make for a pretty mean fabber army. Just 7 or so can make a titan pretty fast. They also have tons of health. Of course, they cost a lot to make and to use. Is this what its meant for? an upgrade for the T2 fabricator?
    Ill have to try it in my next game and see what I can do with it lol.
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    Colonel is a convenience unit. T2 bot fab + the weapons of a few tanks and spinners rolled up into one package. Costs more than the sum of its parts, but it's more manageable.
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    They are good for building things on the front lines because they are pretty strong and don't die easily. For example if there is a contested clump of metal you could use them to set up a defensive position with turrets and such and then take the metal spots.
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    Dont forget the splash damage, the anti air and the ability to pick them up with a pelican (in contrary to the real commander).
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    Yeah Colonel is my go to t2 fab unit once the eco is getting going (t2 fabbers are cheaper to get started). They have serious build power but are also equivalent to a commander in health / basic firepower (including AA) just without the uber cannon. So they are great to push forward a front line, or to send as part of an invading force to a contested planet (get 2 or 3 through a gate and you'll be hard to stop as you can spam up defenses quickly and they provide air cover)....

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