Changes that need to be made.

Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by astto, September 16, 2015.

  1. astto

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    • Remove Move Celestial Bodies. By far the dumbest idea in the game. Total game play breaker.
    • Game setup needs more customization, example the ability to disable Nukes, Titans and etc.
    • Almost everything needs more health, as it is, just about everything dies within a second or two. There's no point having repair units if everything just goes pop...'

    Another feature the game really needs is to choose whether the game ends on Commander death or not... Way too many games are won or lost because of cheap commander kills... It's like this game is genuinely making an effort to lose players.
  2. gmase

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    1. you mean halleys? I think they are fine and you can play maps without them.

    2. tons of options to complicate the game.I thought we wanted a big unit pool. Anyway you can make mods to change those kind of things.

    3. That is a desing decition that I like. I don't like marines taking for of 5 rockets before going down. Repair is not essential but quite usefull in some situations (like with titans). That's what enrich gameplay, else everybody would have to follow the dull rule of always taking com fabs with armies and snipe enemy fabs first.

    4. Additional winning condition: Ok. But I like the killing the Commander wins the game, it gives the losing player a small chance to win and ends multiplanet stalemates.
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  3. sevmek

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    Basicaly, you're asking to remove all major threats. Because... because?

    Are you asking for more turtle?

    May I recall you this game is about annihilation, not about building stuff for the sake of it...
  4. MrTBSC

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    disagree with point 1 and 3

    also yes commanderkill IS the prime objektive of the game .. if you play ranked there is no way to get around it ..
  5. Matster

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    I agree that more customization options are needed so that if people wan't to shutdown some superweapons or annihilation options that should be available. The more options the better for the game.
  6. firestorm84

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    I agree that they should have options such as Commander death does not end the game (much like Supreme Commander 2). A supremacy mode would be fairly easy to include and could be a simple check box when you are setting up a game.
  7. crizmess

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    To quizzaciously cite a famous person:
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    I suggest you all to bubble shields if you don't like the idea of halleys, but I suggest it to you anyway even if you don't. I do not favor or dislike the idea, but I suggest you look into it.

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