Buff narwhal to keep it in line with the rest t1 AA?

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by netpyxa, April 1, 2019.

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    We ve just had ROF and target prioritization buffed for galata, spinner and commander AA.

    For some reason the devs forgot to include the Narwhal and perhaps even the Stingray/Colonel.

    Can we buff ROF and include AA target priorities for the Narwhal and the Stingray as well? These two units feel as if they were forgotten in the patch and honestly at this point their AA ability feels obsolete because they do not have smart target selection of ground AA.

    EDIT: Oh and dont forget the Colonel as well.
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  2. Killerkiwijuice

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    I agree with being consistent but I disagree with these AA buffs overall, like other top players do. Not the right way to address air balance.
  3. xankar

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    Yeah, let's just buff the strongest T1 AA unit in the game.

    It has the same damage and rof as the spinner, nevermind that it has 1.25x the range, 4.7x the health, all while only being 2.8x the cost of a spinner.

    What priority changes do you want? That it target pelicans first? Lotta good that will do for naval AA. Can't wait to hard counter Narwhal's by dropping those T1 bots into the water.

    Basically a mobile galata turret that can't be reliably hit by bombers.

    This isn't what needs to happen. If anything, it needs to be nerfed and air addressed properly.
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