Bring back the old system of activity prizes for the higher tier players

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    Recently the uber bracket has been condemned to endless hours of just sitting in que in hopes of getting more games then a silver or gold who just deletes after 5 minutes because he also wants the same activity prize that I am going for....I have no interest in playing 600 games at uber level for $100 if I have to sit in que for hundreds of hours a season.

    Please reconsider you're prize system, it feels like you have devalued higher level gameplay drastically and many ubers have no chance of ever winning another activity prize.
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    One thing to note is that prizes should be proportional to league so players will want to push for higher ranks and not feel left out of a reward because they pushed into a league where many players have tons of games. Atm I would identify Bronze and Platinum as the most problematic as you see silver and uber players tank their rank in order to get a reward where they otherwise would not be able to, we need to encourage players to push for higher ranks (like me for example pushing from gold to platinum at a chance at the active reward) So the spread should be changed to look something more like this --

    Bronze - 1
    Silver - 3
    Gold - 3
    Platinum - 3
    Uber - 5
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