Anyone Else Having Connection Problems with the Current Build?

Discussion in 'Support!' started by tohron, July 23, 2014.

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    My PA experience has never been great - I've often had to deal with games where I needed to repeatedly close the client and reconnect because the game wasn't updating. However, it feels like things are things are worse on the current build - I had to close and reconnect twice during the game I just played, and when I got back the second time, the lag was so bad that I gave up and deleted my commander.

    What makes this time different was that after the game, I did a speed test, and got a result of 8-10+ Mbps. Thus, I'm starting to suspect that the problem lies somewhere with the PA client, rather than my own unreliable connection.

    Hence the question: has anyone else had connection problems with the current stable build?
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    Not right now: I get server lag from time to time, but I never had to reconnect to any of my matches.

    Short answer: No connection problems on my end.

    What are your system specs, by any chance?

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