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Discussion in 'Released Mods' started by elodea, January 25, 2016.

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    Can't help but feel that that comment is always directed towards me. :p
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    You're the 99% :)
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    You just can't touch that kappa power
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    That have work for me ^^
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    like to suggest some rps-ish ideas between the sheller - gil´es - bluehawk long rangeunits

    bluehawk longest range that even being indirect fire can be countered with missiledefenses slowest projectile speed ( i think)
    sheller medium range because of AoE and ballistic and secondfastest projectilespeed
    gil-e smallest range because of missiledefense also fastest projectiespeed and aa
    this way bluehawks would be another siegeoption besides shellers and not purely antiorbital

    another suggestion: (might be a bit of a stretch)
    adding kaiju to t2 vehicles and drifters to t1 shipyards?

    reason to have a more dynamic battle between land and waterbases
    also adds a strong siegeunit for lavaplanets (or in general which admitedly might be too risky balancewise though?) ...


    so why is the wyrm getting drones instead of a huge AoE bomb and how will they function?

    eidi 2:
    ok wyrm drones are actualy alright

    though why is the advanced combatfab not allowed to build walls?
    better yet why not allow it to build pelters and t1 radar as well for closerange firebases?
    otherwise if people don´t have much options why should they just not chose the colonel over the adv. cfab?

    make angels not repair drones since limited lifetime?
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    oh hey! sorry i didnt see your post till now.

    Just to clarify, did you mean you would like to see RPS like gil-e beats bluehawk, bluehawk beats sheller, sheller beats bluehawk? In angry robots i don't want to overhaul or change unit roles too much, only to make the existing ones work better in the roles they were originally intended to have. That way you're not relearning anything new, just presented with less false choices.

    I wanted gil-e to be on par with sheller to have more t2 bot vs t2 vehicle parity, so buffed it to accomplish that. While basically untouched (besides orbital weapon range being increased to 250), bluehawk still maintains utility in playtests as indirect fire and anti-orbital. I found myself switching and mixing between bluehawks and snipers depending on the map and the areas i was fighting in.

    Wary of adding kaiju to t2 vehicles because you wouldn't want to build any other unit from the t2 veh factory. Yes I could nerf kaiju to allow it to fit on the t2 veh fac, but that would destroy the feel of the unit and it's use in the naval layer. Adding drifter to t1 naval factory seems to destroy strategic choices. It's interesting to choose between building land based factory or a naval based factory, instead of being able to build naval only.

    With both of these, i'm not sure what outstanding balance problem is being solved (you might be seeing something i'm missing though). There needs to be a strong reason, and the change needs to be as minimal as possible to solve the issue.

    The Wyrm launches drones because if it's designed unit role is to be able to tank alot of damage and slowly come in and drop high damage bombs, it's cost has to be exorbitantly high due to commander sniping. A balanced bomb dropping wyrm will hardly ever see play as we see in vanilla PA. Changing the weapon type to drones allows me to decrease it's cost.

    I never liked the bomb weapon either because it didn't feel right to have a really slow tanky unit hover over something and drop a bomb that you could hardly see. It wasn't visceral, nor was the way it operated intuitive within the context of other air units. Both of these reasons are why i changed Wyrm weapon as much as i did.

    Combat fabs cannot build walls because i strongly believe that ability was imba. I wanted combat fabs to be useful in armies as combat medics via repair and not via random proxy hp and wall spam.

    Your idea of pelter and t1 radar is a good one worthy of testing and has been added to adv combat fabs

    Hp decay is removed from drones to prevent the repairing by cf's. Instead they have a fixed life of 20 seconds. Nice catch and thanks for the feedback on that.
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    Angry robots 1.6 Changelog

    • Hornet shoots 3 missiles per volley instead of 4, same dps.
    • Wyrm hp decreased by 100 to 1900
    • Wyrm drone no longer decays hp but has set lifetime of 20 seconds.
    • Wyrm drone damage decreased by 5 to 40 and range decreased by 10 to 60.
    • Gunship missile firing spread increased

    • Pelter buildable by adv combat fab
    • T1 radar buildable by adv combat fab
    • Gil-e damage increased by 150 to 500 (80% dps of a bluehawk)
    • Colonel hp decreased by 1000 to 6000
    • Flak tank hp increased by 100 from 500 to 600

    • Orbital battleship fighter complement reduced from 18 to 14

    • Pelter now works (i promise!)
    • Fix sound clipping from orbital battleship launching fighters
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