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    Some general rules and requirements:

    * Search before you post. Redundant threads will get deleted with impunity.
    * Be on your best behavior. Attacks, demands and general obnoxiousness will just result in you being removed from this sub-forum.
    * READ BUILD NOTES. If you post a bug/issue thread about something that was called out in the build notes, we'll just all mock you mercilessly (actually, we'll just delete your post).
    * This isn't a suggestion forum. Discussing bugs or balance = yes. Suggesting Space Combat = you will be --REDACTED--.

    We will be more active about deleting and cleaning up posts in this forum. We have the backers lounge and general forum for more long term/non-alpha focused discussion. Please stay on topic for this forum. We'll add sub-forums as needed, but our goal is to have as few subs as possible, as it just adds to the overhead of finding the important posts.

    If you're new to the alpha, welcome aboard. If you've been here for a while, please do your part to keep this sub useful for all of us, including those of us at Uber. You guys are our best resource for making sure that the alpha will turn into an even more awesome beta and launch game. This sub is part of that effort.

    As for reporting issues, we encourage you to use the PA Tracker. You can read more about it here. If you found something really wacky which you feel needs discussing, please use the following tags in your subject to help make them easier to find:

    [Bug] - For bug discussion
    [Crash] - For Crashes, and investigating more crazy weird issues
    [Freeze] - For Freezes/Lockups
    [Network] - For Connection Stuffs
    [Version Number] - for Easy sorting between versions

    And they could be combined as so;

    [Crash-Version Number]

    If it's just a general discussion about the state of alpha or a recent build, you don't need to use tags, we're just trying to make it easier to find stuff in here!

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