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Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by Pwn4two, February 13, 2019.

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    I feel that the air factory is a superior value proposition to any other factory. Air units allow a game to snowball in a way that other unit types can't seem to achieve. I put this down to a combination of their ability to navigate over CSG and their massive speed bonus relative to tanks and bots. I think the air in this game is too fast, but some other players have their own ideas for how they would nerf air.

    I would like this thread to be a discussion on how air could be effectively nerfed without ruining it.
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    The maps we have are way way too large for 1v1s and that makes air very very op. If you watch pro games you might notice that they do not even build their own spinners anymore. They instead try to build more fighters.

    Remove bomber damage from the ants. Bombers will only target the bots and the engineers.

    And remake the map pool. 1v1 maps should be no larger than 450 radius imo. Anything larger is asking for a once sided air+bot snowball.
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    Air speed for units not called Icarus or Wyrm should be nerfed by 20-30%; if the relative speed difference wasn't so large then air wouldn't be nearly as strong.

    Naval needs a speed buff on the other hand in order to prevent air from being so strong on sea maps.

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