AI on absurd not building anything at the start besides energy storage?

Discussion in 'Support!' started by daxnitro, December 7, 2014.

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    My friend and I have been wanting to play a game that the planet was covered in water. We wanted to have a naval battle, but the AI (on absurd) only built energy storage and then just acted brain-dead. When we attacked them, the commander moved, built energy storage (after we destroyed the original one) and did nothing afterwards. But when we did scare the AI onto land, they started building like normal. Does this bug have to do with the planet traits?

    Radius: 1300

    Seed: 1486665856 (This bug also occurred on all the other seeds we tried)

    Height range: 0

    Water Height: 60 (I thought 70 was the issue because of the red exclamation mark once you went over 60.

    Temperature: 50

    Metal Density and Clusters: 100

    :No CSGs or metal spots were edited:
    :This is the only planet in the system:

    So how can this be fixed?
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    I have had multiple AI games where after about 40 minutes into a game, I will find the AI with maybe an energy plant, an extractor, or an energy storage, and nothing else. I'll be able to spook him a bit, and that usually gets him going, but it's pretty annoying and anticlimactic when you've built up a massive army and you find one lone AI commander not doing anything. This isn't just on water too: it happens on land, sometimes when the AI encounters a pathing issue, and sometimes it even happens on open ground - actually, I would go as far to say it's pretty frustrating when you land on the enemy planet and he's just sitting there, waiting to be destroyed. I'm also wondering - what is the developer's response to all these different flaws in the game? I've no doubt that they've been working hard and they do keep track of these, but it's been quite a while since it's been officially launched - I would understand if there were little hitch ups here and there but when core aspects like this, game crashing, units not moving, etc. are encountered, it's pretty disappointing.

    I would not be as disappointed if developers would just come clean about not meeting deadlines and 'biting off more then they can chew'. It's apparent to me that this project was way more ambitious then they could handle, and even if they got the marvelous team at Uber to help out, they just couldn't get the game functioning properly. To be honest, I was hoping it to be as good as Total Annihilation, that was the reason why I backed it, but honestly it's left a sour taste in my mouth.
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    If you have the replay IDs, those would be most helpful. Post them in this thread where sorian (the AI guy) is looking for them. Do mention if you are on stable of PTE though. The thread I linked to is for bugs in the PTE.

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