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    So the new patch came out and i was super excited because one of the big things was making AI react to situations in a much better manner.
    Spamming air? get anti air. Multiple planets? lets get orbital up and running. No AA? Bumbing run time.

    Fantastic update if you ask me. Made the game super fun to play AI against.

    (NOTE i always play against Relentless AI)

    -AI reacts a tad TOO fast to situations.
    ---EX: I needed to go orbital, maybe 12/15 min into a game since me and the AI were stuck on a moon. I build an astreus, i go to pick up my commander. I am literly hovering my mouse over it and as soon as the astreus pick up my commander a group of 10 fighters comes and destroys the astreus. I lose. I was utterly speechless. I was in base, i had some AA, i did check chrono cam and the only type of radar he had was deep space radar.

    ---EX2: I was fighting on a planet for control of it but the AI was using mainly air so any time i had extra metal i was making extra AA guns everywhere to corner him. My issue was that any time i would start building any AA a group f fighters and bombers would immedietly come out of the fog and bomb everything. I was bringing AA with them but i still couldn't stop all the bombing runs. I had to build 2/3 at a time just to get some done.

    So ive never sat down and played GW, its pretty fun! But the new AI is abusive and these are my examples:
    ---EX: 2 planet system, earht like and a moon. Earth like has a single big lake. I am stuck with NO UPGRADES. So only beginning stuff for GW. I start shoving AI back with my only vehicles and of course expansion is slow because i only have vehicles. I finally hit the lake and im being bombarded with the destroyers. I don't have artillery, i don't have T2 anything, so i am like alright fine il grab Sea so i can contest this lake.
    I finally get a base in the lake and pump out units and go to attack.
    --- 9 ******* Anchors. ---
    i think... **** alright orbital? Nope, you can only build the astreus....
    I try to build umbrellas close enough, nope, the AI reacts tio quickly and send a bombing run or a orbital laser every single time i try to build one.

    Shorter: i had to rage quit after an hour cause i literally had no way to deal with anything orbital starting in Galactic War.

    Solution?? --- Please tone down the instantaneous reaction times to player buildings. AI just has slightly too much micro.

    Also PLEASE give orbital fighters to the starting units for Galactic war. People need need NEED something to defend against orbital with.

    Sorry for rant, i love this game and want to see it go far!
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    Are you playing the PTE? It has orbital fighters (fabs and anchors even) and from reading the code that should be correct, so I don't think I have a weird mod enabled.
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    OH no i am not on the PTE, but it makes me happy to know that they have already gone and done that!
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