AI doesn't recover after attack

Discussion in 'Support!' started by draiwn, September 14, 2014.

  1. draiwn

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    I played a couple of games against absurd AI, I noticed when its main base is severly dammaged it doesn't recover after attack.

    AI doesn't rebuild destroyed factory, do only some eco and that's it.
    You can let the game run for 1 hour, and nothing new on the AI side.
  2. thetrophysystem

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    This has been a pretty reliably returning bug.
  3. brianpurkiss

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    On a similar note, if the AI gets stuck in a rut (I don't mean physically), it won't do squat. Just played a FFA against 5 AI. With 4 defeated, I couldn't find the 5th. Finally found it, and it had a really tiny base. It had hardly any metal near its starting point, so it never got the economy to do much, so it didn't do much. Even though as I killed off the other AI spots became available.

    Also, the AI is terrible at spotting incoming forces. It's easy to kill an enemy AI. Send in a large army, and you'll meet little to no resistance as the enemy units will run away because they don't have a large enough clump to kill my army. The reason why they don't have a large enough clump is because they're scattered about in tiny groups.

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