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    The Nosebreaker has taken the last couple months off To philosophise the state of pa..
    While overly in a great position It is noted that the Great players of pa are still the same players. Which is a hindrance to new players breaking into the top tiers of the game.

    How does one make this fairer because those players are unfairly smarter and more intelligenter than those of us lower on the ranks.

    The Nosebreaker and pretty much,,,, all but three of you reading this cant compete with those players..
    Sadly we never will be able too either....
    Instead of patching and changing units
    A brilliant Idea is a nerf to the actuall players who repeatedly offend, towards being really really good.
    Pa is about balance but no one has addressed the unbalance that we have when taking into account peoples intelligence.. That needs addressing so we can all start of from a fair point.

    Then and only then may we see some fluidity amongst the ranks..
    The nerfs should also be progressive in their application to ensure that three person must strive to get better and better. Just like the rest of us and not just automatically win all the time......
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    The real question is how do you 'nerf' the player? :p
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    Bronze: 5x eco
    Silver: 2.5x eco
    Gold: 1x eco
    Plat: 0.75x eco
    Uber: 0.5x eco
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    I love these lines so much.
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    This is probably better than my initial thoughts (it involved removing fingers :p)
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    depends on your view of what ranked should be but either way..
    if you want to get on top you obviously have to earn it, no avoiding that .. if you can´t compete with these guys how do you deserve to be on same ranks with them?

    i play ranked in order to face opponents of equal capability give or take .. if i can´t get to the top because i lack capability then i have no place to be on top ...
    don´t falsefy/blur the meaning behind high rank by mixing in players of various levels into it when it should not ...

    .... in any case i demand a constant times 20 resource production + no commandersilolimit ecomodifyer for all my ranked games,
    no other player can demand such a boost or similar but me
    (i still would get roflstomped by topplayers sooooo .....)

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