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    When you send in waves of troops to attack it would be awesome to have the option to pre-set priority units to hit, because my micro game sucks. Also, if you can get this message to the devs, or if there is a modder who wants to enable this that'd be awesome.
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    It has hooks, but is server-side iirc. It would be nice, if everything were just prioritized to kill the most important stuff no matter what. That never is situational, you always kill repair-fabbers first, and fabbers if you can because the investment, and your "weapon's intended best target" any other time.
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    It is more complicated than that. There are situations, such as AA, or indirect fire units, where you have free target selection and the predefined priority rules work as expected.

    Against ground targets, where LoS plays a role, and you have to distinguish between the target currently being attacked (based on turret orientation) and the attack goal, it's far more complicated than a fixed target priority list. Especially for the verhicles, you have no other choice but to micro them if you want flank maneuvers and alike to work. Attempting to automate the micro management would be more complicated than it appears at first glance.

    Consider that right now, we don't even have safeguards / feedback loops to detect invalid firing solutions (e.g. in case when firing into a cliff), nor automatic strive behavior in case of wreckage or other obstacles such as walls blocking shots.
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