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    Ever since the 1st alphas, me and my firends have wanted an annihilation mode, (either kill all units or kill all units capable of building, e.g engineers and buildings), we only play against the AI and sometimes the AI will suicide its commander bringing a epic battle to a sudden stop, pretty much all other RTS games have this kind of mode.

    Since work has recommenced on PA, would it be possible for this to be added in a future update?
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    Yeah, I'd like to see that too.
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    Unfortunately, commander death is hard coded into the game as the victory condition. I believe that an engine change would be necessary to achieve a different victory condition.:(
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    honestly kill all units/structures especialy on multiplanet i imagine to be a MASSIVE pain in the butt to play .. ..

    i hated it to search and kill single units in campaign games enough and i would not want a troll toying with my patience for finding what he had hidden behind some obscure corner even if it´s a fabricator ..
    rather then that i would had kill commander and all factories .. ...
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