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    I have a few different Ideas, if you guys have any feedback feel free to fully critique them, but as separate ideas please this is not a bill im trying to pass that needs to be either accepted or denied as a whole. here we go.

    1. I would like to be able to check my map at any time, to see bot placement, granted this would grant the knowledge of where the bots and pros were pushing but would also render a pro useless while checking, sort of balancing the ability to check the map.

    2. Team v Team play. Let me explain thsi one a little, I think that this game should have an option to join as a team and only join against other teams, the specifics are not really important yet as im sure you all have valued insight as to how you feel about this.

    3. host a game option. I think that if someone (by themselves or with a few friends) wants to start a lobby that they can host they should be able to. This would consist of more than being the server host as well, if a player is being disruptive the host should be allowed to call a vote to have him removed. players from both sides( or one team if y'all think that would be better) would then be allowed to vote on the removal of said player. There would need to be some outstanding majority to remove a player. In addition to this host a game feature measures would need to be taken to prevent the host from griefing as well. Perhaps any player in the lobby could suggest a new host(would require at least 3/4 majority of whole game), he could be voted and then the new host could use the previously described vote to kick system. This would not only allow for a group of friends to vote the most centralized of them as host but allow for the removal of unwanted players.

    4. This one is kind of a question/suggestion. Do Endorsements currently affect the support firebase? If no consider that this suggestion. ( Please post if you know the answer. )

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