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    Hello Commanders,

    Today marks the six year anniversary of the Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter, where 44,162 backers helped breathe life into the concept of a next-generation RTS, where thousands of units would clash across multiple worlds, unleashing interplanetary destruction.

    It's been a long road and we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who backed, supported or just played Planetary Annihilation over the past six years; we couldn’t have done it without you!

    The incredibly sexy technical work continues behind the scenes. After the next major update we will be focusing on 64-bit operating systems as we continue to modernise Planetary Annihilation. If you're part of the 2% still on 32-bit Windows now would be a good time to upgrade so you can fully reap the benefits of the changes we’re making.

    Similar to Valve, Blizzard, Nvidia and many other game developers, this modernisation necessitates saying goodbye to some unsupported, end-of-life operating systems like Windows Vista, and older macOS / Linux releases. We'll confirm the details prior to our modern build going live and plan to make unsupported older builds which will continue to work in offline mode available to anyone who cannot upgrade.

    We have also performed a much needed refresh of our community rules and guidelines, after all we don’t want our little pocket of humanity to fall into discord and be overthrown by the Machine Liberation Army. There’s even a tl;dr version, because we know you want to be playing PA not reading rules. These apply to all aspects of PA: lobby names, in-game chat, official forums and the official Planetary Annihilation Discord server, which is now live.

    Please feel free to use the official Planetary Annihilation Discord server to coordinate games, discuss strategies, seek out help with modding, and anything else PA related. We also hear there’s more to life than PA, and while we’re not sure we believe that, we have created an off-topic channel just in case.

    See you in Discord: https://discord.gg/C3GBXbg

    The PA Team
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    Great news! Will the new pa team be announced anytime soon?
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    Is Brad Nicholson coming back? #BradNicholsonIsOurGod
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    Please no.
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    Is Jon Mavor still in the race, or has he moved on to other things?

    If he's moved on, it's totally understandable. The guy's given his life to this revolutionary game, and been through three reincarnations over 20 years.
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    Yeah 32 bit should be dead already. Can't wait wait to see what's coming
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    well that's not very nice, I'll tell him you said that.
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    Well this is an exciting set of things to come back to on my semi-irregular checkin.
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    So, any news for us? =)
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