50 hours of playtime summary, Suggestions, bug reports etc.

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    I think i will start with the most recent thought about the games:

    The buff of the performance in the last build was really nice. I had at least 20fps in a game of 2 hours at any times. There was a lagg, but it seemed it was server oriented, because the units didnt really "move" but only "teleported" to their new place every ~0,5 seconds.

    The game makes an insane amount of fun - i think you are doing a nice job so far.

    Fights on "Water worlds":
    I had a very long game on an planet where ~90% was covered with water. I experienced once more that the amount of energy you get in early game is kind of broken. i was building 3 energy plants at a time with 2 engeneers and the Comm, but had for a very long time -10k energy.
    The costs of Naval units are so much more than the costs of everything in robo/Vehical. I wonder why?
    I was confused as well that i had no possibility of anti air on water, since this is such a important thing.
    The range of torpedo launcher need to be buffed since their range is so low, they have no chance of shooting a single time before they die.
    Everyone should know that units who dont move and are attacked will win a fight, since the attacking units will die one by one. This is so much worse with naval units since they are so slow. I lost a naval army 3 times bigger than my enemy just because he wasnt moving at all.
    On the other hand theres a little trick, since one ship of mine who wasnt hit by enemy as long as it was swimming away, it killed an enemy force single handet. (such a hero)
    It would be nice if it would matter if/how you move your fleet against an enemy fleet, since this is how it works in RL too, but i think immunity for running away would be too much :3

    There are two other problems i experience again and again:
    I know that robots strife for the best, but thats no reason to make their worker-class so stupid. Especially flying engineers are reapitingly: Not working, flying in circles, not supporting the building like i told em but only flying over it.
    Ground engineers are sometimes like that as well. Making themselves stuck, having a problem building 1 building and stop the whole line of commands i gave them.

    I actually dont know why this happens but:
    I used the steam account for downloading and if i right-click on PA in steam for creating a desktop shortcut, the shortcut has no picture. It is just white.

    Less focused stuff:

    I have a feeling like long-range defensive is way too strong. I think it was the catapult he built on mass, and what is probably unbreakable right now. I was building like ~200 t1 robos, trying to attack, expecting a "every shot he does is wasted because it hits only 1), but every time 5 or 6 of em died at the same time. If you are seriously going for planetary cannons etc., you need to take care that you still need to actually build units, and the game doesnt end in a "who sits further away from the enemy while shooting at him", because the "defensive strength" of units i mentioned and the power of long-range Artillery is combined very, very strong.

    It looks like normal ground is way too strong against air as well. It is good that they do something against air, but i think right now it is way too much. I actually never play comm-sniping, but until now everyone who tried air against me just died. And, you know, air should be good for more than just comm sniping. But right now they just die.

    I think a good idea for water-metal would be some kind of dark/silver place in the water you see.

    Well, thats it for now.
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    Re: 50 hours of playtime summary, Suggestions, bug reports e

    I've experienced the air construction issues a lot too. Going in circles instead of building, and being veeeeery slow to build a mex (even with 3 of them) although metal/power was at max.

    The advantage of staying still is significant. Formations will hopefully address some of this.

    Catapults are powerful and certainly can reduce the number of crafty attacks because they act as defence to the base rear even if the player hasn't thought of rear defence yet! They are fun to deal out to others though :)
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    Re: 50 hours of playtime summary, Suggestions, bug reports e

    I agree 100%, but I think if they give all the units more HP it will solve most of the OP defensive issues, since you would not lose a unit every time something hit it.

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