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    Hi, i made some mods for PA that i didnt publish at all because i still want to add some stuff and idk at all how to publish it, but!!! i wanna start hosting some Coop share armies games with mods, multiplanet systems and 2.0 eco boost specially using this mod and the battles will be only Coop mode and sometimes FFAs

    GL HF

    if you wanna play more and get more involved add me on steam: RomeoRuiz15
    Or add me on PA titans: RedCollectiveMind

    i will let a littel description of the mods:
    there are 2 mods, the first one is Extra annihilation
    Extra annihilation is a fan mod i made to just watch stuff exploding, and it forces you to have unit diversity
    and even balance is diferent because now special or secundary units mixed with the main units deal way more damage than an army of a single unit composition

    Units like icarus has been buffed, Hornets and all kind of *weak* units, that i dont think they are weak, even i use them a lot in vanilla game its just that players dont use them because they are a bit dificult to use and yeah sometimes is better using just main units in vanilla mode.

    i will let a list of changes in the mod

    -Omegas are now pure anti ground fire power but 0% anti orbital
    -Icarus are better and useful to attack bots and light tanks
    -Hornets shot missiles more faster and they have krestel guns to attack ground units
    -Titans have diferent costs, Atlas is like 18, Zeus is 22 and Ares is 26 if i remember
    -Helios titans has been modify to be extremly powerful and it has a cost of 45k in metal
    -Unit cannons cost less and they have faster draw speed at building units so they consume more eco
    -lobs pops deal damage when hitting units or structures
    -Bluehawks now deal heavy splash damage
    -Granadiers have mode dps and fire rate
    -Boom bots are a bit slower but they have twice hp and and they deal a bit more damage
    -Wyms are faster (it changes everything)
    -Typhoons now have 2 AA guns and a missile launcher like the bluehawk
    -Manhattans deal more damage and they have more hp but they are a bit more expensive
    -now most bots are amphibious
    -This mod is compatible with Aurora artillery,Legion and more mods

    Yes this mod has an own IA wich i modify to build more defenses and use all the titans because in the vanilla IA by some reason the priority to build another titans is in:0
    But with the Zeus titan this is different because the priority is 480 and the IA has a default value of fabbers to use to building titans and things like haleys and death starts wich is something that just doesnt let the IA build it. so i change those values and now the IA can build all those things faster...
    (I know the IA is fast to build halleys but Cmon is great when you see a halley going up faster and more when it isnt yours!!!).

    All these changes where placed in the Vanilla IA replacing the default parts with some modify parts without change the attack or moving orders that means that this IA isnt going to affect the sim speed performance
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    .... these rather sound for fun than propper rebalancing
    the ssx is already a pure antiground orbital, the omega acts as a orbital frigate countered by the artemis railgun .. this way there is no reason to build the railgun ever ..

    icarus being turned into t1 gunships is something i simply don´t agree with as it may turn the t1 bomber which is suppoesed to be your main damagedealer in t1 air obsolete , remember that they are capable of attacking both ground and air, so what are the exact changes?

    lob launched units causing damage on impact ... sounds intresting to say the least

    making too many bots amphibious is not a good idea imo

    why the damage and hpchange to manhattans? they are already powerfull and tanky enough ..

    while i don´t mind the AA for its own protection the typoons main damagedealer is supposed to be the drones it´s not supposed to be another stingray , so no to missiles ..

    helios being powerfull how? don´t tell me you turned it into a buff anti everyplattform ..

    hornets ... just why? this sounds like making a much better kestrel than the kestrel ..
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    I will take that as a personal opinion because is something that i symple agree with.
    These changes are just to see stuff exploding and yes if you ask the Helios titan now is an Buff powerful anti everything.
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    Update for upcoming changes before publishing the mod
    (take this like a dev diary)

    -IA maybe be able to build death star faster and even use it (im not sure because ive never seen before an IA that uses a death star and if someone have a video or pictures pls post them here)
    -Zeus titans will have the same navigation than phoenix air fighters but their stats will be decrease because of the orbital jumps
    -Catapults maybe will use spread fire for their missile launching like krakens
    -Im trying to find out how to go back to the times were you can use a moon with a halley against a planet but you don't destroy it, you make a big hole with cracks on the planet.
    -Atlas titans will drop mini bots
    - Ares titan will spawn ants near to itself
    -Zeus titan are going to launch drones as a typhoon as secondary weapon
    -Additional Custom units in game

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